Expert service and support from the people who know your audio, video and lighting system best.

Our goal is to help keep your growing audience focused on the experience you’ve provided, not the technical issues that will arise. From our highly trained specialists with years of experience and expertise to real-time support via our dedicated Virtual Network Operations Center (vNOC), we’re here for you and your team when you need us most.

Dedicated Specialists

Our virtual Engineers in Charge (EIC) are here for you. Their industry expertise paired with the intimate knowledge of your specific system delivers unparalleled peace of mind.


  • Virtual Engineer in Charge (EIC)

  • Remote, active monitoring and reports

  • On-call industry expertise paired with personal knowledge of your system

  • As-built drawing updates

Real-time Support

A problem on Sunday needs to be addressed on Sunday, not via email next week. Our vNOC is designed to provide real time support when you need it most.


  • Virtual Network Operations Center (vNOC):

    • Remotely access and troubleshoot issues

    • Remote control equipment

    • HD video and stereo monitoring

    • Direct communication between leaders and/or volunteers with vNOC

Team Integration

From executive to volunteer, we understand the importance of each and every role. Our comprehensive plans are custom tailored to serve you and your team.


  • Game Film

  • Annual on-site training with staff and volunteers

  • "Pre-flight" checklist created for your system and personnel

  • Proactive ticketing system integrated with your workflow